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National Kidney Foundation

Help prevent Kidney Failure


Help avoid Chronic Kidney Failure by getting regular checkups. Call in to arrange an appointment or drop by and get yourself checked.


There is an influx of Kidney Failure in today’s society and food intake is a major factor. You are what you eat, so a balanced diet goes a long way in preventing kidney failure.


Be proactive in your health choices and get active. Exercising regular has been proven to increase your health rate as well as decreasing chances of kidney failure.


Talk to your Doctor about medicine and other preventative measures you can take to help protect your kidneys from kidney failure.

About us

Since its establishment, the major portion of its operations has been funded through Government grants.

The Board of Directors and Management continue to work towards improvement in the Foundation’s operations and service as the Foundation expands in its activities and resources. Since its establishment in 2005, there has been a drastic increase in numbers of the population needing dialysis. The average number of new patients per year is 15 and the number to date is 96 in total, compared to the 6 patients we had started with. A new Dialysis Unit in Savaii also opened 2011 to facilitate the need of this service for patients with renal failure in the big Island… More…

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