Holiday Patients

National Kidney Foundation Samoa

Here at the National Kidney Foundation of Samoa we also offer the quality service to international patients in which are visiting the country and requesting for an opportunity to be dialysed as we now have the facilities. This was one of main issues of these kind of patients. There should be some control on the places in which to visit as it is a weekly operation to run the dialysis procedure. Therefore, need a location where the facilities are available to carry out the procedure. The holiday patients are Samoans who are citizens or permanent residents of other countries and Non Samoan Citizens.
Here, at the National Kidney Foundation of Samoa, we offer the service and we would very much like to get more details about an International patient before proceeding with this care. Please click on the link below in which will allow you to download a form which needs to be filled in by the patient.
•    Holiday Patient Application Form

Fetuunaiga o Totogi mo auaunaga Faamamatoto
Approved payment fees for dialysis patients

1 Tagata e le oni tagata nuu o samoa $1,000 ile togafitiga
(Non Samoan Citizen) $1,000 per treatment
2 Tagata nuu o Samoa e le nofo mau I totonu o Samoa $500 ile togafitiga
(Non Samoan Resident) $500 per treatment
3 Tagata nuu o Samoa ma nofo mau I Samoa $10 ile togafitiga
(Samoan Citizen and Resident) $10 per treatment
4 Tagata nuu Samoa sa nofo mau I atunuu I fafo ae ua fia foi mai e nofo mau I Samoa ma fai ai ona togafitiga $500 I le togafitiga mo le 3 masina faaauau ona suia lea I le $10 I le togafitiga
Afai ae toe toesea male atunuu mole 4 vaiaso ma toe taliu mai, ona toe fo I lea ile tau amata e pei ona faaalia I luga